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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 17, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news, casey anthony is released from prison overnight. after three years behind bars, she walks out the front door with her lawyer by her side. she is now a free woman. >> murder! >> angry protesters line the streets as she is released. there are death threats pouring in this morning and so many questions, where is she going now, who is going to take her in and will she be able to profit from her notoriety. we are live in orlando this morning, and nancy grace joins us with her take. epic scorcher, a dangerous mix of blazing heat and smothering humidity is suffocating the middle of the country. from texas to the dakotas, records are being broken. the heat zone is bigger and
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hotter. we'll tell you where it's headed next. and, edge of glory. the entire country fired up for the biggest soccer game in the years. u.s. women hours away from the championship game. their thrilling run at the cup now near its finish. with victory so close. we'll take you live to germany to help cheer them on. >> announcer: fromombc news, live from new york, this is "good morning america" with dan harris and bianna golodryga. >> it really was extraordinary and perhaps to many people infuriating scene this morning. let's bring up the video go. at 12:14 a.m., after 1,054 days in jail. casey anthony, called the most hated woman in america walked free. she didn't say a word. and neither did her lawyer. it was a cloak and dagger like operation. armed guards, suvs. >> all this to throw off the
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media and anyone who may want to do her harm. there's a real fear of retaliation, she's now entirely free and no longer under state protection. our abc affiliate in orlando is reporting she boarded a private jet. there's wild speculation about where that jet is headed. as of now, no definitive answer. abc's jim avila is in orlando and has been following the developments throughout the night. quite a scene, jim. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the sheriff's department wasted no time in showing casey anthony the door. she was eligible for release 12:01. by 12:10 she's free. her lead attorney telling abc news she's headed for counseling, not plastic surgery. >> casey anthony's first taste of freedom in three years, tinged with unmistakable flavor of fear. a 12-second walk. $537 in her pocket and her trusted attorney by her side. she walked with purpososthrough blew doors of orange county
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jail, through the fluorescent lights without comment. staring straight ahead. no stops, only a whispered thank you to the heavily armed special response team that protected her as she emerge into another chaotic scene. a crowd of more than 100 behind plastic barricades came to watch. for the most part, jeer at her release. >> i wanted her to experience something that was amazing, something that was not supposed to happen. >> nothing like this has ever happened in orlando. we're here for the experience. >> reporter: a reception she could not miss even to a short walk to an idling suv. trailed by helicopters, where she switched vehicles. and disappeared in the night. the local abc station reporting she went to a private plane that took her to destinations unknown. leaving behind her childhood home. and where she gave birth to caylee, saw her die and was
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acquitted of her murder. the complaints of her neighbors still ringing in her ears no matter where she is headed. >> on tv it's different. when you're here, it's real. it's not fair. it's really not right. >> reporter: three outsiders were allowed inside to watch and record casey anthony's release. a reporter and two cameramen. all said it was very quick with no side shows. >> sort of heading, bee line to the door. >> she was just tunnel vision to the door. that's when i think i saw the smile or relief, if you will. she saw freedom. >> reporter: now, for casey anthony the next challenge, that is staying safe. her attorney would only rule out a couple places she's going, that is her parents home. she won't be going there or rumored visit to his native puerto rico. she won't be going there either. as far as where she is going,
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her attorney tells us, she will be going to counseling and needs some space. >> thank you, jim for your reporting this morning. now let's go to someone who got a lot of attention for her coverage of this story. nancy grace, the host of nancy grace on hln network. she's in atlanta. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> you have been in many ways the voice of outrage on this story. what are your thoughts and feelings as you watch the video of casey anthony stroll to freedom? >> actually i'm still stunned that there was a not guilty verdict. but the reality is, i think i feel the same way a lot of people do. that is a disbelief and disappointment in the justice system. that's really all we have. the government we founded over 200 years ago and our justice system. while we all love it and respect it, it hurts, and it's disappointinin when you see a miscarriage of justice. >> there's some people who argue she was given due process, she
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was found not guilty, she is now free, it is over, we should let it go. what about that? >> that's absolutely true. there's nothing to argue about that. it was due process, she was acquitted now she's going about her own life. i think now the public will be the judge as to whether she makes a profit off caylee's murder, whether there will be book, movie deals, we saw o.j. simpson's book "i did it" fall flat and the head of a publishing agency be fired because the public reject thad. we'll see what happens with tot mom. >> i think o.j.'s book was "if i did it." >> thank you. >> let me ask you about casey. you really have been the voice of outrage on this case, as i said. do you worry at all some people in your camp will resort to vigilante justice. are you worried about that? >> first of all, i don't have a camp, as you just put it.
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anybody that watched the evidence can see that there was overwhelming evidence of guilt. it's not just me. there's many thousands of people newscasters across the country that agree and many, many more thousands of people that agree. i'm in the camp of justice, all right? and i think that anyone that believes in justice, does not believe in vigilanteism. that's the an to that question. >> do you fear it might happen nonetheless? >> no, i really don't. the sheriff's office said they don't perceive any credible threats. if there had been credible threats they would still be protecting her as long as she was in orange county. according to sources, she's taken a private plane, which cost a pretty penny. i were like to know who paid for that, if it's true, to possibly puerto rico where baez has a vacation home. who knows where she went. somebody is footing the bill. i would like to find that out. but he i don't see any action against tot mom.
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>> do you foresee this young woman getting in trouble with the law again in the future? >> i thinknkou are what you are. i don't think any amount of counseling can change your genetic makeup. it can be behavior modification, maybe. we never knew about hundreds and hundreds of checks she stole if her mother. thousands of dollars. who know what we don't know about an we may never know. yes, i think that somewhere along the way, there will be another crime. we may or may not ever know about it. and took how long it took simpson to repeat offend. >> nancy, thank you for your insight. we'll l ve much more in the next half hour. for now, over to bianna. >> an interesting and heated conversation with nancy grace. speaking of heat. it is hot out there. an impressive heat wave bringing misery to millions. take a look at this map right
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here. deep red, signaling triple digits, spreads from texas, north to canada. it's a brutal mix of heat and humidity and it is spreading with no relief insight. meteorologist amber sullins is here from our phoenix affiliate, knxv is here. good morning, amber. >> there are now 17 states under heat warnings or watching. remaining in effect. for the next week. at last 36 states will see temperatures at or above 90 degrees today. of course that humidity will make it feel even hotter. as the sun baked, the temperatures skyrocketed. in normally cool pierre city, felt like 106. oklahoma city, felt like a sizzling 113, and in wichita, it was a real scorcher, feeling like 114. >> stay in the water. >> reporter: kids beat the heat by running through the water park, and found lanes. and dipping in pools. ♪
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>> reporter: chicago's annual taste of the river north festival, served up some of the hottest dishes in town, despite the high temperatures. >> it's brutal out here. >> reporter: some residents are without power, making the heat harder to cope with. and the electric companies can't help fast enough. >> complaints over and over and over again, no response. >> reporter: the walloping heat remains stuck in the nation's mid section and will remain there the entire week. it's then expected to move east. and in texas, where it's been in the triple digits for 15 dayay even the dogs are looking for solace from the scorching sun. dallas, this is day 16 for you hitting the triple digits high 100 degree, but there are storm chances in the forecast as well that could bring some relief. of course the heat filtering into the northeast. temperatures in the low 90s. watch as this heat bubble expands. we have a long stretch of very
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hot temperatures ahead of us in week. in the northeast, by the end of next work week, we could be talking mid to upper 90s in new york city and boston. >> no relief. thank you. i want to turn now to the debt limit showdown in washington. the deadline is fast approaching for a deal. this weekend, it seems neither side is talking to the other. this morning there are reports that the so-called grand deal which could get both sides to agree on tax cuts is back on the table. abc's christiane amanpour joins us now. good morning, christiane. >> good morning. >> i'm talking about the article in the washington post about the possibility of forming a new committee made up of democrats and republicans, recrafting that plan they abandoned just last week. how is this different and the bigger question, would it pass? >> these are the huge questions, and the fact of the master is, this hour, it is still really unclear.
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the president asked the congressional leaders to come back with some kind of a plan within this weekend. he made that statement in the press conference friday. we don't think that happened. we're going to try to get clear answers from our two guests today. budget director, jack lew and jon kyl. two people around the negotiating table. in the meantime, also the report about wanting to go back to the grabbed bargain. speaker boehner said he wants to do that. the president said he wants to do that. the question is whether they can get elements on boararto pass such a thing. that, also is something that is being required right now by the ratings agency. moodys. standards & poors. said they must have some credible deficit reduction plan, 4 trillion or so over the next 10 years because of the way they are looking at the u.s. dollar and threatening to downgrade u.s. credit worthiness, and add to the catastrophic woes a default can bring. >> if we do not have a plan by this friday we will not meet the
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august 2nd deadline. all right. cristiane, a lot of tension there in washington. be sure to join christiane where she sits down with office of management and budget, jacob lew and senate minority whip, jon kyl on "this week." >> now, filling in for ron claiborne once again is abc's andrea canning. >> good morning, happy to be here.. we begin with new problems for rupert murdoch, his son, james is reportedly being investigated for possibly covering up news corps's phone hacking scandal. scotland yard wants to know why e-mails dating back to 2006 were only made available in january. they are coming under fire for only sitting on it for years. a california man was arrested for allegedly making death threats against senator barbara boxer. she received a series of threatening messages.
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the 47-year-old man is being held on $500,000 on bail. a colorado woman could face jail tame after an argument turned nasty. she is accused of groping a female tsa agent at phoenix's international airport. she refused to go through screening and grabbed the agent's breast. she's facing one felony account of sexual abuse. >> in what is believed to be a first. a military contingent marched in a gay pride saturday. 200 active duty troops and veterans marched in san diego's parade wearing t-shirts advertising their branch of service. they came out to show support for don't ask, don't tell. >> and it was a magical first day for the last "harry potter" movie. it took in over $92 million i ticket sales on friday alone that shattered the previous opening day record by $20
8:15 am
million which was set by "twilight new moon." i saw the huge lines outside of movie theaters yesterday. >> i'll be joining those lines today. >> have fun and get your 3d glasses out. >> time for the weather, amber sullins from our phoenix station, knxv, is the call letters. amber, good morning once again. >> good morning, we were talking about heat now have to talk about storms. there were chances from montana to michigan. yesterday in north dakota, 10 tornado reports and could see more pop up today along with hail and wind gusts, 70 miles percent hour up there. good news for the deep south, more rain along the way. and you need it. extreme drought and yesterday, places like mobile, picked up three, four inches another two plus today. here's a look at the national outlook, more chance force
8:16 am
monsoon storm as the heat bubble expands. good morning, temperatures in the 70's today. i is hard to break a sweat continues to build from 87-90 degrees today. the heat all right. low 90s around nyc. dan, bianna, get ready for the heat. we're in the mid to upper 90s by the end of next week. >> thank you, amber, appreciate it. >> before bianna goes to see "harry potter" she's going to watch a huge soccer game. just hours from now, team usa taking on japan in the woman's
8:17 am
world cup final. this is the first time the u.s. has reached the finals since 1999 when they won it all. >> the room is buzzing here ininde our studio as well. the world is watching. two women on that championship team, julie foudy and brandi chastain are now covering the world cup. they are joining us live from frankfurt this morning. tell us what the scene is like, are there a lot of u.s. supporters there? >> there are. all over this country. it's nice to see. i ran into three guys from a military base, u.s. military guys that are on their way to afghanistan, they are coming. i mean, there's a ton of american pride floating around germany right now. >> we had three young girls hop in our van before we left to take a pictutu, there's young and old, boys and girls, actually saw richard jefferson from the nba in our lobby hotel this morning. he's excited about the game.
8:18 am
a lot of buzz. >> team usa has never lost to japan. what do they have to do today to keep up that streak? >> the first thing they have to do is throw away that stat. this is a totally different japanese team. i mean, it's 22 ones, 3 ties, all time against japan. but the u.s. knows this is a very good japanese team. they never made it to the semifinals and beat sweden. never made it to the finals and here they are, and they are riding a lot of pride, of course, from the tragedy that they've gone through in the last four months. >> a lot of supporters from japan from that standpoint. what does the u.s. need to focus on, offense or defense? a lot of people are saying offense. >> of course scoring goals is necessary to win a tournament. but the most important thing they need to do is stay compact and stay together. if one player or two players chase the ball against japan, they'll find themselves in a lot of trouble. japan plays the ball with ease and grace. the u.s. can wear themselves
8:19 am
out. from the back, christie rampone and abby wambach up front, me mustst stay compact. >> for the people watching for the first time today. there are a lot of us in that camp. who are the players we should be watching. you mentioned the name wambach? >> abby wambach is one of the best goal scorers in the world, happens to p py for the united states, that's very convenient. she just play was this great, gutsy pride. you love watching her. hope solo. both sides of the field. abby wambach on top. hope solo on goal, two of the best players in the world, to have those two. there are so many great stories that came out of this. megan rapinoe is the flank player, last time she scored she grabbed the mike and busted out bruce springsteen rendition. a nice group of characters. >> so much excitement. i heard somebody say, if this sport doeoesn take off in the u.s. now, it never will. so many people are cheering the u.s. women on. we appreciate you joining us from frankfurt.
8:20 am
thanks so much. >> thank you. >> you can watch the women take on japan in the woman's world cup final today starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern on espn. dan is showing support for team usa. check in online at while you watch the game to get a special sticker. >> i'm hoping for a brandi chastain moment from 1999. >> i'm sure you are. >> coming up. we'll get back to the b b breaking news this morning. the big question in the casey anthony case, can she cash in, make hundreds of thousands of dollars with books, movies and appearances now that she is a program come? it has happened before. >> and the new god squad debuts. a priest and rap byes give us their take on the top stories of the week. >> and hot date. mila kunis, accepted an offer to go out with a marine. justin timberlake gives his
8:21 am
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coming up on "good morning america," amid huge protest, casey anthony is a free woman. the question is, where will she go? will she be safe? will she profit off the case? >> on a much lighter note. a chihuahua that took on a armed
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8:28 am
let's look at our forecast. another warm but mostly comfortable dead. is 72 degrees and it is a more humid out separate will be 87-perature degrees but this will be the of a reasonably comfortable the high heat is coming, tomorrow night degrees the week,in temperatures and the triple wednesday through friday. watching and we back at 8:56.
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we have breaking news this morning. you are looking at casey anthony just hours ago, walking out of the jail in orlando, florida. she is now a free woman. she left with her lawyer by her side. neither of them said a word. her attorney said she is headed for counseling, but exactly where that will happen is not yet known. good morning, america, i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. it is sunday, july 17th. also ahead we'll get a spirit perspective on some of the big story this week, including casey anthony. how should people view it when someone they think is guilty escapes justice? >> and on a much lighter note. wait until you see what happens when a real-life stuntman takes his mother for a
8:31 am
drive. this is part of the fixation segment. >> she looked horrified. poor woman. >> but we are going to begin with casey anthony. she walked out of a florida jail after midnight. she's a free woman after being acquitted for murdering her 2-year-old daughter. abc's jim avila is at the jail in orlando. describe the scene overnight. it looked very chaotic. >> reporter: it is not chaotic right now. you can hear some of the frprot still here. what happened, casey anthony came out of the blue jail door, walked by her attorney. she made no expressions, looked down, looked aside. whispered a thank you to one of the guards who was protecting her. then she went outside where she could not avoid the huge protest that was out there. probably, 100, 200 people out there with signs. some yelling "baby killer." she quickly went into the suv and sped off.
8:32 am
from there, she was followed by helicopters, who did see her go into a building downtown where one of her attorneys works. they believe she left in a different car and went to a small private airport. sources tell our l lal station that she boarded a single engine prop plane for somewhere, point unknown. >> you can't help but notice all of that security. jim. there are fears that she will now cash in on her story now that she's out of prison? >> reporter: well, bianna, there are two big questions now, big challenges for casey anthony. the first is to keep safe. and the second is, how can she profit off of this? casey anthony's new freedom could mean new riches. >> not guilty. >> reporter: telling the inside story of her daughter's death and her trial from the center of the storm, hitting the jackpot, turning infamy into fortune. she's already been offered a million dollars to tell that story and that's just a first. >> between the combination of a
8:33 am
book, magazine article. tv interviews and other waste of telling this monster story she has, she probably with wrestle out of this a million dollars. >> this is not the only time notoriety transcends into wealth. after o.j. simpson's acquittal for murder. he was given a $1 million publishing advance for a book "if i did it." a first person account of how the former football star could have carried out the slayings of his ex-wife. nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. amy fisher spent six year for the attempted murder of her lover's wife. she sold 32,000 copies of the book "if i knew then." she made a career in the adult film industry and her struggles with alcoholism landed her a spot on vh-1 ease reality series ""celebrity rehab" with doctor
8:34 am
drew." >> i'm trying. i'm trying as hard as i can. >> reporter: after the menendez brothers were sentenced to life in prison in 1996 for killing their parents, erick's wife wrote a self-published book "they said we'd never make it." some say the likelihood of casey anthony is high. other, they are not so sure. >> some people may not want to touch casey anthony. because they don't want her to profit from what they see as someone who got away with murder. >eporter: for casey anthony, the difficult part is, the two challenges she has, actually conflict, trying to make money and trying to keep low key. bianna. >> there's nothing low key about the protests behind you and, dan, you and i were talking, there's already a mother launching a protest on facebook from any money she can make. >> stop her from profiting. >> we have andrea canning in for ron claiborne.
8:35 am
with a look at the other headlines. good morning. >> good morning g u to. the u.s. begins the transition in afghanistan. u.s. forces turning over seven districts to afghan forces, earlier this week. the first troops return home as part of president obama's planned drawdown. despite all of the warnings of carmageddon, life is going on in los angeles this morning. there's not much traffic. officials are worried that could mean people get in their cars today, creating gridlock. researchers say they may have found an easy way to defect alzheimer's disease. scientists in australia said they've e d encouraging results using a simple eye test. alzheimer's is known to cause changes in both the brain and the eyes. finally a dodoy jail break. take a look at this corgi, as he springs his sister out of her cage, uses his paw, then his nono and tongue to open the lock. seems a little too easy for the
8:36 am
four-legged friend to figure out this human design. i want to know who is smarter the corgi or your two cats. >> i see a recall in the future. the maker of those crates. >> it was easy, wasn't it? >> way too easy. >> let's get the weather. amber sullins is back. from our phoenix affiliate, knxv. good morning once again. >> good morning once again, we're still talking heat. 13 states under a heat warning or advisory today. that number is up to 17, where dangerous numbers continue across the heart of the country. the west coast is looking gorgeous. there's the place to be. 77 in l.a., 72 in san diego. the heat is back on with phoenix up to 109, and more chances of monsoon storms in the mix out there as well. a look across the country, quick system bringing rain showers. lots of rain across the gulf coast area. but yesterday 86,
8:37 am
and today a little warmer than still sunny and a bit more humid and the real key comes our way tomorrow, in the low 90's for the remainder this weather report has been brought to you by dow. dan, bianna. >> all right. coming up on "good morning america," matters of faith. what to do when we think justice has not been done. we'll get some advice from our new god squad. plus, you heard the expression, all bark, no bite. not the case with this little guy on the bottom of your screen. we'll introduce you to paco the hero chihuahua. coming up. >> a lot of dogs this morning. bm for flattering video chats, awesome audio, and lids that switch to match your mood. but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend. even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. yet. [ male announcer ] powered by the 2nd gen intel core processor family. not just smart. visibly smart.
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[ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. longtime loyal viewers of "gma," may remember we used to do a segment called the god squad where we look at the news threw the lens of faith. now we're bringing it back. appropriately we're calling it the new god squad. and the new squad mates, father beck, who is abc news contributor and host of sunday mass and from l.a., david
8:41 am
wilkey, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start with the big news of the day. when people of faith see somebody go free, who they believe is guilty, how should they compute that? >> i think people of faith have to ask what kind of justice are we talking about? we seem to be focused on retaliatory, justice, we want her to hurt. we want to punish her like what we feel she deserves. but i think we have to look at restorative justice. what would it mean to actually have some closure. instead of fining her for $4,000. put her in a room with family member, members of that community, make her talk it out there. that takes away any monetary gain she might get. the story comes out and you have a sense of closure. to look at this kind of vengeance, an eye for an eye doesn't work. gandhi said an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. it's not going to help in this situation. >> rabbi, isn't an eye for an
8:42 am
eye, a biblical, or in your casesea precept from the torah, and how justice should work? >> an eye from an eye, is from the torah. but in the jewish tradition it's moderated in some of the ways that i talked about. the deeper question is the question of justice, our struggle, as human beings and in particular as people of faith, is to recognize that injustices occur without losing our faith in justice in general. and there will always be cases here, and elsewhere, almost every day, in the newspaper, where the kind of justice that we calibrate, doesn't exactly fit the case, but that doesn't mean that in a greater sense, it is not a just world and it also ought to be a motivation for justice in our own lives. >> don't you think, david, that in some sense, justice, as we know it, has been done?
8:43 am
>> i mean, a jury of her peers set her free. this is the justice we believe in as a country, why do we think we have to have this charles bronson death wish society without taking it into our own hands. >> because the justice, i think, has been procedural, that is, yes, the proper wheels have turned, but that doesn't mean that the outcome is satisfying to our sense of what ought to have happened. >> that's exactly right. there are a lot of people -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt you, rabbi, but there are a lot of people who are just angry, feel she's getting off. >> that's fine. that's their issue. >> it's not her issue any longer. she's been set free. she has a right to live her life according to our justice system. and it's people of mercy, and compassion, we have to let her do that. >> do you think there's anything that can be done by the community at large to mete out some sort of extra judicial
8:44 am
punishment that would not be vigilante justice? >> it's a dangerous prescription to make. it's a dangerous prescription to make. here's what i would say. every individual has the right to choose how they'll treat another individual. but the one thing that i think is worth keeping in mind, we tend to see ourselves as very complex. our motive, our history and we see other people as very simple. and it's very hard to judge someone's heart. so even though, i think i may feel individually, i don't want to associate with her. that doesn't mean that i actually understand exactly what happened or exactly what is inside her. i think we have to recognize that you can make your own choice not to be a friend of someone's or even not to speak to someone. that doesn't mean you understand thth. >> a lot of people will be making that choice in the case of casey anthony. you're both fascinating guests, i look forward to having you back in the future, thank you very much. and coming up on "good morning america" on this sunday
8:45 am
morning, a little bit of lighter news. a little segment where we sample some of the contagious stories in the universe, including an epic fail on a morning news show that you do not want to miss. ♪ [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go. it's a cloud of depression. and although you've been on an antidepressant for at least six weeks, you're frustrated that your depressive symptoms are still with you. seroquel xr, when added to an antidepressant, is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder. for many, taking seroquel xr with an antidepressant
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♪ well, it's time for our fixation, where we show you story, images and videos that caught our attention that we had to share. amber, this is the first time you're doing fixation, you're going to love it. i promise you. >> i'm excited. >> you found the mom on the joy ride. >> the professional stuntman in california took his mom out for a joy ride. tack a look at this. >> that breaks my heart. >> why did she agree to get in
8:49 am
the car. that's my question. >> she's a good mom. >> she's holding on to him. >> i love it. i had a similar experience on wait here from the newark airport friday. >> a cab in new york city. right. >> the howls. >> he has to get her some flowers and a nice dinner for putting up with that. >> what do you have? >> mila kunis accepted the invitation. now justin timberlake did the same thing to a female marine. let's take a look at his response at a press conference. >> i tell what, i accept. >> i don't get asked out. ever. >> yeah, right. >> i was very flattered by that. and i hear that she's like trained in martial arts. so i'm hoping we can tussle. >> he better be careful, he said "if my schedule permits." she may come after him if he
8:50 am
doesn't honor this. he better. >> quite the actor these days. you're starting to feel sorry for him. >> let's feel sorry for these two news anchor, live television, things go hey wire, you have to react. look at this stunt where the jet pack fails. take a look. there's a reporter there with a very excited guy about to take off in a jet pack, and -- >> oh! >> you have to see the anchor's reaction to this. >> if we have it. >> here we go. >> fox 5 news. >> oh! >> all right. i've got a great piece of video. this is -- >> that's in reverse? >> being out of the water. >> okay. >> i have this other p pce of video. check this out. this is an armed robbery, you'll see the door of a store coming up here and two guys charging, one with a huge gun. and look at the bottom of the
8:51 am
screen. a hero rushes to the rescue, look at this, look at this. wait for it. there he is. his name is paco. he is a chihuahua. watch what he does in a matter of seconds, he chases them out the door and across the street. apparently we don't have him going across the street. but this little dog chases them across the street. his owner said he's going to get paco a cape. by the way, i should say paco is a rescue dog, a great argument for rescuing dogs and cats. and any other type of animal. >> he's quite the hero. >> don't mess with paco. >> those little dogs are guard dogs, i have daschunds, they'll get up in your business and scare anybody. it's fantastic. >> you don't expect it. >> if there's a story, video or picture you can't get enough of. send it to us on our website at abc or tweet us at "gma." maybe there will be more paco video? >> i hope so. is there more paco?
8:52 am
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so this is our way of delivering a very subtle reminder that the u.s. woman's soccer team is going to play in the world cup today.
8:56 am
watch it at espn starting at 2:00 eastern. taking on japan in the finals of the woman's world cup. >> go, team usa. >> a a you going to be watching today? >> can i keep the jersey. >> you can keep the jersey. >> that's all we'll be watching. >> go team usa. thanks for watching abc news. we'll have much more later this morning with "this week" with christiane amanpour. david muir with "world news." have a great today. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning at 8:56. the second time in less than week, montgomery county police e investigating a hate crime at school. someone spray-painted slurs of images at, but that is the middle school. some nearby homes and cars were damaged. stay police are out on
8:57 am
highways this weekend. virginia state police will be on 64, 81, and 95 and be stationary radar checks. prepare for delays up to 30 minutes of the plan to take metro. they will be sending track -- single tracking. shuttle buses are available for free. good morning, it is a sunny day out there with alexandria at 75 degrees. stay in the 80 plus one more day. high pressure continues to dominate and that will be the case today. as it moves off, we will see terms ofchanges in humidity.e and the dew point today will be in the 60's. it will be a little thicker than not to bed like have a later in the
8:58 am
.eek 80 degrees this afternoon and a humid with temperatures in the upper 80's starts toow, the heat arrive, 90-94 with late day showers possible and in the forek, look approach 100to degrees and will stay like that to the end of the week. >> thank you for watching. hope you have a great day.
8:59 am